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Retirement Plans, Services, and Investments

Retirement Plans


Retirement Plans

It is our philosophy that a company sponsored Retirement Plan should serve two purposes –

  1. Be a tax shelter that helps the owner and a company’s employees best save for their retirement
  2. Provide a hiring tool that helps smaller employers attract and retain quality employee that might be attracted to the benefits usually only offered by larger firms.

With these goals in mind, PPG Retirement Plan Services works with you to help you design the most cost effective, yet beneficial, plan design for your firm. We have a wide variety in choices of plan designs along with choices of the features and options within each plan:

  • Traditional 401(k) Plans
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
  • Roth 401(k) Plans
  • Individual 401(k) Plans
  • Traditional Profit Sharing Plans
  • Integrated Profit Sharing Plans
  • Age-Weighted Profit Sharing Plans
  • Points System Profit Sharing Plan
  • New Comparability Profit Sharing Plans
  • Money Purchase Pension Plans
  • Target Benefit Pension Plans
  • Cash Balance Pension Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Non-Profit Company 403(b) Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans


PPG Retirement Plan Services is strictly a Third Party Administrator. This means that our focus is entirely on retirement plans, the changes in IRS and ERISA regulations that occur periodically and the continued compliance of our clients’ plans. We partner with your firm to provide support to your Human Resources Manager (or the individual that responsibility falls on). PPG will provide the following:

  • Dedicated Retirement Plan Administrator to assist you with your Plan to help field employee questions;
  • Completion of all compliance testing including –
    • § 401(k) or ADP Testing
    • § 401(m) or ACP Testing
    • § 415 Limit Testing
    • § Average Benefits Percentage Test
    • § 416 Top Heavy Testing
    • § 410(b) Coverage Test
  • Preparation of the following tax returns and IRS or ERISA required notices when needed –
    • § Form 5500
    • § Summary Annual Report
    • § Form 945
    • § Form 1099-R
    • § Form 5330
    • § Summary Plan Description
    • § Summary of Material Modifications
    • § Safe Harbor Notice
    • § Benefit Statement
    • § Sarbanes-Oxley Notice
    • § Enrollment Forms
    • § Beneficiary Designation Forms
  • Mailing of all Distribution Packages to Terminated Employees
  • Tracking of Vesting
  • Determination of Eligibility
  • Calculation of Required Minimum Distributions
  • Recordkeeping of Participant Accounts
  • Plan contribution monitoring to insure limits are not exceeded and deposits are made to the appropriate participants


Since PPG Retirement Plan Services does not manage investments and is not an Investment Advisor, you are able to use the investments and Investment Managers of your choosing. We work with many Investment Platforms that allow your participants to have on-line access to their accounts to monitor their investments and make changes. The following are our preferred platforms along with a link to their Sales Representative, so you can find out more information regarding them:

John Hancock: Matt Van Egeren
Voya: Tom Bejvan
Larry Boesch
Lincoln: Travis Gavinski
Transamerica: Luke Szafranski (Milwaukee)
Mark Kirchner (Chicago)

We also have established relationships with Mass Mutual, Oppenheimer, Securian, Empower Retirement, Alerus, American Funds, Guardian, Prudential, Nationwide and Principal.

In addition, the Plan Sponsors we work with have the opportunity to offer a self directed brokerage account option of they desire.

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